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Were you aware that 46% of Google searches are for local information? That is why mastering local SEO link building is a crucial step for small businesses to ensure visibility among the local audience. It might seem complex, but with the right strategies, it can significantly enhance your local search rankings.

In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of local SEO link building for small businesses and various effective strategies to do it right. Whether you’re a seasoned local business or a new player in the market, understanding the dynamics of local SEO link building is your gateway to building a robust local online presence.

What is Local SEO Link Building?

Local link building is a part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), where businesses acquire backlinks from locally relevant websites to boost their visibility in local search results. Local SEO link building aims to establish connections with relevant websites, directories, and platforms that have a direct impact on the local audience.

The nature of local SEO link building lies in cultivating a local link profile with high-quality backlinks from reputable local websites. For example, if you are a UK business, you can capitalise on trying to acquire links from UK-based websites, which will help rank your website higher in the UK. It is essentially a targeted way to increase your exposure in the local area that you wish to focus on. 

Benefits of Local SEO Link Building for Small Businesses

Local SEO link building can provide numerous benefits for small businesses. Here are some examples:

Boost Visibility

By engaging in local SEO link building, you’re essentially putting your brand on the local digital map. When your business is mentioned and linked to local blogs, directories, or news sites or generally websites in your country, you wish to focus on, this could lead you to more exposure on local and geographical-based search results. This increased visibility can lead to more in-store visits, online sales, and overall growth in customer engagement.

Improve Brands Credibility

When local, reputable websites link to your site, it’s like getting a thumbs-up in the digital world in terms of local SEO. It indicates that your business is credible and reliable. The more local links you have, the more credible your brand appears to both the local community and search engines like Google. Over time, this increased credibility can lead to more customers and other local businesses trusting and choosing you over competitors.

Boost SERP Rankings

If you have a website targeting a specific location, local SEO link building is crucial for improving your website’s ranking for local search queries. Each quality backlink from a local site tells search engines that your site is useful and relevant to the local audience. Over time, as you gather more local backlinks, your website’s ranking on local search terms will improve, making it easier for local customers to find your business.

Build Brand Authority

Brand authority means being acknowledged as a leader or an expert in what you do. When local influencers, bloggers, or news outlets link to your site, it shows that you are a trusted authority in your local market. This kind of recognition can set you apart from competitors and build a loyal customer base that trusts your brand and keeps coming back.

Competitive Advantage

In competitive local markets, every advantage counts. Local SEO link building provides an edge by Improving visibility and reputation. When consumers look for local products or services, businesses with a strong local backlink profile are likely to occur before others in search results. This competitive advantage can translate into more customers choosing your business over others.

Improve Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric that indicates how well a website will index on search engine result pages. Local link building helps improve your site’s Domain Authority by garnering quality backlinks from reputable local sources. A higher Domain Authority signals to search engines and users that your site is trustworthy and has high-quality content.

Expand Your Network

Local link-building often involves collaborating with other local businesses, bloggers, or media outlets. This collaboration can help you expand your network, opening doors to new business opportunities, partnerships, or even joint marketing campaigns. By broadening your local network, you’re not just building links; you’re building lasting relationships that can benefit your business in numerous ways.

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Local SEO Link Building Strategies for Small Businesses

Local SEO link building can be an intimidating process, but with the right strategies, small businesses can do this confidently. Here are some effective local SEO link building strategies that small businesses can harness to boost their local SEO.

Local link building is a pivotal aspect of local SEO, which can significantly boost a small business’s visibility within its locality. Below are strategic steps small businesses can adopt to foster robust local link profiles.

Register on Local Business Directories

Kickstart your local link-building journey by listing your business on reputable local directories like Yelp and Google My Business. These platforms are treasure troves of local backlinks and are fundamental for enhancing your visibility in local search results, forming the bedrock of your local SEO strategy.

Engage with Local Media Outlets

Develop relationships with local media outlets to secure mentions and links in local news stories. Offering expert insights on industry-related local issues can position you as a go-to authority in your field, simultaneously earning valuable backlinks and boosting your local SEO.

Distribute Press Releases for Noteworthy Events

Leverage significant business events by distributing press releases to local publications. This tactic can generate multiple local backlinks, widen your reach, and amplify your presence in local search rankings.

Contribute Guest Posts

Guest posting remains a potent link-building tactic for local and generic link-building strategies. Craft insightful articles for reputable local blogs or other business websites in your local area that are suitable to feature your content or a shout-out backlink. You can negotiate with them by offering them a link from a suitable anchor text placed somewhere on your website to theirs. This dual-edged strategy drives local traffic and enriches your local link profile.

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Connect with Local Bloggers

Engage local bloggers for reviews or event hosting at your venue. Their mentions and reviews can create valuable local backlinks and significantly strengthen your local SEO while also promoting your business directly, making it a worthwhile tactic in your local link-building campaign.

Create a Useful Local Guide

Generate a local guide relevant to your business and share it with local news outlets or on your site (be sure to include a link to your site when shared on the other website) This tactic helps readers with useful local content as well as earn you backlinks from appreciative local entities and readers.

Join Niche-Specific Local Business Associations

Membership in local business associations can earn reputable links from their directories, boosting your local SEO. These links are valuable as they come stamped with a seal of local credibility. Moreover, being a member of the local business-specific community helps you find relevant businesses with whom you can collaborate for shared benefits. 

Monitor Competitors’ Backlinks

Employ SEO tools like Ahref, Semrush, etc. to analyse your competitors’ backlinks, revealing new local link-building opportunities. Understanding their link building tactics can provide a roadmap to strengthen your own local link profile.

Offer Educational Scholarships

Offer scholarships to local students and promote them through local educational websites. While this study might not sound easy and cost-efficient, it can generate high-quality backlinks and showcase your commitment to the local community, benefiting your local SEO.

Sponsor Local Organisations

Sponsoring local events or organisations can earn mentions and links from local websites. Like educational sponsorship, this strategy enhances your local link profile while promoting good community relations, making it a noble and effective link-building tactic.

Each of these strategies is a step towards building a robust local SEO foundation, bringing your small business closer to the pinnacle of local search results, and nurturing a strong bond with the local community.

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Need Help with Local SEO Link Building?

Local SEO link building might seem like a steep hill to climb, but with ACERO, scaling this hill becomes a walk in the park. Our experienced team at ACERO specialises in producing local link-building strategies that will not only boost your visibility in local search results but also form a bridge between you and your local community.

We can create high-quality local links by registering your business on local directories, engaging with local media, and creating compelling local content that resonates with your audience. Our goal is to strengthen your small business’s online presence by building a solid link profile.

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The most crucial links for Local SEO are those from locally relevant websites, such as local business directories, news outlets, and community blogs. Additionally, high-authority backlinks from reputable sources within your industry or niche are very valuable

Link building for local SEO involves obtaining links from local websites, directories, and relevant sources to create a strong online presence within the local community.



Some ways to build local links include networking with local businesses, sponsoring local events, creating content that targets local keywords, and getting mentioned by local publications and bloggers.



Some best practices for local SEO link building include focusing on quality over quantity, ensuring the relevance of the sources, using natural anchor texts, and diversifying the types of links and sources.



Link building can improve your local search rankings by signalling to search engines that your website is useful, authoritative and trustworthy, especially within the local community, which can result in higher visibility and organic traffic.

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