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Link building is one of the most critical components of any SEO strategy. By building links to your website from high-quality, authoritative websites, you can enhance your website’s position in search engine results pages (SERPs).

One way to build links is to write a newsworthy announcement, known as Press Release (PR) and distribute it to relevant media outlets. When writing a press release for link building, it’s essential to follow some specific guidelines.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to craft a press release for link building correctly. Following the guidelines, you can write a press release to help you build links to your website and improve your SEO.

Let’s get started.

Press Release and Link Building

In its most basic sense, a press release is a content prepared to announce something newsworthy about your organisation or its products or services. It is written in a journalistic style and distributed to members of the media with the aim of securing media coverage.

In SEO, a press release can be used for link building when it includes links back to your website. When a journalist or editor picks up your news release and publishes it on their platform, a new SEO backlink is created to your website via a hyperlink, enhancing your website’s SEO.

Press releases were heavily used as a link-building tactic once upon a time. This was mainly because they were easy to distribute via various distribution services, and the links they contained were seen as beneficial by search engines like Google. However, with the evolution of Google’s algorithm and its increased emphasis on high-quality content, the role of press releases in SEO has changed.

Instead of being seen as a direct ranking factor, press releases are now seen as a part of a broader PR outreach and content marketing strategy. Their primary role is to generate media coverage, which can indirectly result in link-building when news sites or bloggers choose to cover your news and link back to your website.

Contrary to popular belief, press releases have not become obsolete in the domain of SEO. They are still effective when used strategically. Instead of merely trying to get as many backlinks as possible from press releases, the focus is more on creating newsworthy press releases that can garner genuine media coverage and generate high-quality backlinks naturally.

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How to Strategically Write a Press Release for Link Building

Leveraging press releases for effective link-building requires going beyond creating a standard release and distributing it blindly. Instead, each press release must be carefully crafted and optimised with SEO. Here are a few steps that can help you write a press release that will stand out from the crowd:

Recognise Newsworthy Events

The first step to writing an effective press release is recognising a newsworthy event within your organisation. This could be a product launch, a significant hire, an award win, or any other event likely to interest journalists, editors, and your target audience.

Create a Compelling Headline

Your press release headline is undoubtedly the most significant component of it. To grab the interest of editors and reporters, you need to craft an engaging and informative headline. This headline needs to encapsulate your press release’s main content and include relevant SEO keywords where appropriate.

Write an Engaging Introductory Paragraph

The opening paragraph of your press release should highlight the most crucial elements of the subject matter. This is often what journalists will see first, so it’s vital to make it engaging and informative. It’s also beneficial to incorporate your primary SEO keyword in this section.

Effectively Using Quotes

Including relevant and insightful quotes in your press release can lend credibility and provide a human touch to your story. These quotes can come from key members of your organisation or industry experts and should reinforce the message of your press release. They also present a prospect for you to include additional SEO keywords in a natural way.

Incorporate Relevant SEO Keywords

Keywords are vital when it comes to SEO. They’re what users type into search engines to find content, and thus, they need to be smartly incorporated into your press release. The key is to do it subtly and organically without disrupting the flow of the text. It’s also worth mentioning that the overuse of keywords, known as keyword stuffing, can harm your SEO efforts, as it is frowned upon by search engines.

Include an Effective and Strong Call to Action

A clear and strong call to action (CTA) encourages readers to take the expected action after reading your press release. This action can be visiting your website, checking out a new product, or registering for an event. By directing readers back to a page on your website, CTAs provide a perfect opportunity for link building.

Optimise Press Releases with SEO Best Practices

When it comes to SEO and press releases, it’s crucial to remember best practices. This includes incorporating SEO keywords, using anchor text for your backlinks strategically, and making sure any links you use are nofollow, according to Google’s guidelines. 

With a thoughtful approach and solid understanding of SEO best practices, you can maximise the potential of every press release for PR link building and SEO improvement.

Types of Press Releases and Their Impact on SEO

Press releases can be categorised into several types, each with unique potential for creating buzz and building links. Let’s delve into a few examples.

Product Launch Press Releases

When your organisation introduces a new product or service, it’s an ideal time to craft a compelling press release. If your product meets a current market need or introduces innovative features, it’s likely to pique the interest of journalists and editors. 

Moreover, product launch press releases often lead to product reviews, which can further increase the number of backlinks to your site.

Event Announcement Press Releases

Announcing an upcoming event through a press release is a strategic move. It not only boosts attendance at the event but also prompts journalists and bloggers to write about it, potentially providing backlinks. Remember to include all relevant details and a link to the appropriate page on your website.

Award Recognition Press Releases

Winning an award is a testament to your organisation’s credibility and competence. By announcing it in a press release, you attract the attention of industry publications and niche bloggers who might cover your news and link back to your website.

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New Hires or Promotions Press Releases

A significant hire or promotion within your company is news that can interest industry publications, especially if it involves a well-known professional in your field. This type of press release can lead to profile pieces or interviews, which can further increase the number of high-quality backlinks to your site.

Remember that the success of each type of press release depends mainly on its newsworthiness, relevance to the audience, and how well it’s written and distributed.

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Tips for Crafting a Powerful Press Release

A well-crafted press release can generate significant media coverage and help your link-building efforts. Here are some key pointers to consider:

Follow AP Style Guidelines

The Associated Press (AP) style is a writing standard journalists use worldwide. Familiarising yourself with these guidelines and applying them to your press release can increase your chances of getting your news picked up by journalists and editors. This can lead to broader media coverage and more backlinks.

Properly Structure a Press Release

A good press release should follow a specific structure to maintain consistency and readability. It should begin with an appealing title, followed by a concise and engaging introductory paragraph. Then, you should provide more in-depth details, quotes, and a boilerplate that comes after the main content.

Lastly, include contact information for journalists who may need more details.

Use Statistics and Facts to Boost Credibility

Press releases that contain relevant statistics and factual information are more likely to catch the attention of journalists. These elements add credibility to your press release and provide journalists with valuable data points for their coverage. Be sure to link these stats and facts to a page on your website where they can be verified, thus creating an opportunity for backlinks.

Choose Images and Other Media

Including images, videos, or infographics in your press release can make it more appealing and engaging. They can also provide additional opportunities for link building, as they can be linked back to your website.

Measure the Impact of Your Press Release on SEO

After distributing your press release, tracking its performance using tools like Google Analytics is crucial. Look for metrics like increased website traffic, new backlinks, and improved SERP rankings. This data will assist you in understanding the success of your press release and help you enhance future SEO PR strategies.

Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Press Release for SEO

While a well-structured press release can significantly boost your SEO efforts, some common pitfalls can hinder your PR link-building. Here’s what to avoid:

Avoid Over-promotional Language

A press release should provide information in an objective, journalistic tone. Overly promotional language can turn off journalists and make your press release seem less credible. Instead of saying your product is the “best,” provide facts and figures demonstrating its value.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Duplicating content across multiple press releases or copying content from other sources is a big no-no in SEO. Search engines can penalise you for duplicate content, negatively affecting your SEO. Always ensure your press release content is unique.

Proofread and Grammar Check

Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or incorrect information in your press release can harm your organisation’s reputation and reduce the likelihood of getting media coverage. Always proofread your press release and fact-check all information before distribution.

Distribute Press Releases for Maximum Impact

Not every press release distribution service is the same. Some can result in spammy backlinks that do more harm than good. Research distribution services thoroughly before use and opt for those with a proven track record for distributing to reputable news outlets.


Press releases can play an important strategic role in building the prominence and reliability of a website. They provide a platform to share newsworthy content about your business, attract attention from journalists and industry experts, and potentially earn valuable backlinks. By crafting a compelling press release, using SEO best practices, and ensuring targeted distribution, businesses can leverage this age-old public relations tool for modern digital success.

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    FAQs on Press release for Link Building

    Yes, press releases remain a valuable tool for SEO. While the direct impact of press releases on search engine rankings has evolved, they can indirectly benefit SEO through improved online visibility, increased website traffic, and potential for high-quality backlinks. However, their effectiveness depends on strategic keyword usage, the quality of the content, and the reach of the distribution.

    Generally, it’s best to include 1-3 links in your press release. This keeps your content focused and reduces the chance of appearing spammy. These links should lead back to relevant pages on your website, such as a product page, about us page, or a blog post related to the press release topic.



    A newsworthy press release revolves around timely, relevant, and interesting information. This might be the introduction of a new product, an upcoming event, an important hire, or an award your business has received. It should be something your target audience, including journalists and bloggers, will find valuable or intriguing.



    Craft a compelling headline, maintain a professional tone, use relevant keywords, provide factual information, and follow the standard press release structure. Also, distributing your press release through reputable distribution services can help it reach the right journalists.



    As per Google’s guidelines, links in press releases should typically be no-follow to prevent perceived manipulation of search rankings. However, no-follow links can still drive traffic to your site and can indirectly influence your site’s authority and rankings.