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Link building is key for search engine optimization (SEO). It involves getting “links” from other sites to yours. A solid link building strategy can boost your SEO by making your site more visible on search engine result pages (SERPs). Using top-notch link building tools is a great way to achieve this.

These tools have a range of features that can improve your link building strategy. They can identify broken link building opportunities and provide a detailed analysis of your competitors’ link building. These tools can help you create high-quality links to your site and make your link-building campaigns more efficient.

In this article, we’ll explore 15 top link building tools that can enhance your SEO. Whether you’re new to link building or looking to improve an existing link profile, these tools can help. Let’s delve into each tool and see how it can benefit your link building strategies.


15 Best Link Building Tools

Thankfully, there’s an array of paid and free best link building tools designed to streamline and simplify creating and managing, ultimately improving your SEO performance. Below, we will explore 15 of the best link building tools you need to know about to build high-grade and relevant links.

 Table summary of the tools:

AhrefsAll-in-one SEO toolLink building, backlink analysis, keyword research
Moz Link ExplorerSEO toolLink building, backlink analysis
SEMrushAll-in-one SEO toolLink building, backlink analysis, competitor research
Majestic SEOSEO toolBacklink analysis
BuzzStreamOutreach toolLink building outreach management
PitchboxOutreach toolLink building outreach automation
Ninja OutreachOutreach platformInfluencer marketing, outreach, link building
BuzzSumoContent marketing toolContent marketing, competitor analysis, link building
SEO SpyGlass (SEO PowerSuite)Backlink analysis toolBacklink research, competitor analysis
Hunter.ioEmail finder toolFind email addresses for outreach
HARO (Help a Reporter Out)Source request platformSecure backlinks from media outlets
Google AlertsWeb monitoring toolMonitor web for link-building opportunities
WhitesparkLocal SEO toolLocal SEO, citation building, link building
Screaming FrogSEO toolWebsite crawling, broken link identification
Link Prospector (Citation Labs)Link building toolDiscover link building opportunities

1.  Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a strong all-in-one SEO tool that presents comprehensive features for link building. It is best link building tools among SEO professionals and digital marketers, primarily because of its extensive link index database. The best link building tools can perform an in-depth backlink analysis of your website and your competitors, providing you with insights into their internal links and backlink profiles.

Ahrefs’ main features include a site explorer, content explorer, keyword explorer, and rank tracker. The site explorer allows you to dig deep into the backlink profile of any website, find link opportunities, and identify broken links that could be potential link-building prospects. The content explorer helps you discover the most famous content in your niche, providing you insights into what kind of content may attract links to your content. With the keyword explorer, you can discover the best keywords to target for your link building campaigns.

Ahrefs is a best link building tools that requires payment, but it provides a 7-day trial at a low price. This way, you can try out its features before deciding on a paid plan.

2.  Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer is another prevalent SEO tool that provides robust features for link building. This tool is particularly known for its link index, which is updated daily and includes high-quality link data. It’s an excellent link prospecting and backlink analysis tool which also allows you to monitor your website’s link profile.

Moz Link Explorer provides you with detailed data about your backlinks, including the Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) of the linking pages. It can also show you which websites are linking to your rivals but not to you, providing valuable link opportunities.

Moz Link Explorer is a part of Moz Pro, which offers a range of other SEO tools. However, you can use Link Explorer for free (with limitations) or avail of the free trial of Moz Pro to access all its features, known as the best link-building tools.

3. SEMrush

SEMrush is an all-encompassing SEO tool that offers a diverse set of features for link-building, making it an excellent choice for an extensive link building campaign. It can be a powerful tool in your arsenal for link prospecting, backlink analysis, and monitoring your site’s backlink profile.

SEMrush’s Backlink Analysis feature allows you to check your competitors’ backlink profiles, unveiling potential link opportunities. The tool also provides detailed reports about your backlinks, including the authority score of linking domains, anchor text data, and the geographical locations of your links. SEMrush can also help you find and fix broken links on your website, which is crucial to maintaining a healthy link profile.

The SEMrush toolkit also includes the best Link Building Tools that streamlines the link-building procedure. It helps you find link opportunities, send outreach emails, and track your progress. SEMrush offers a free trial, allowing you to explore its powerful link building features before choosing a paid plan.

4. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a dedicated SEO tool specifically known for its proficiency in backlink analysis. It’s a best link building tools that offers unique metrics like Trust Flow and Citation Flow, which provide insights into the quality of a website’s backlink profile.

Majestic SEO comes with an extensive suite of link-related features. The Site Explorer feature provides a detailed look at the backlink profile of any domain, helping you find link opportunities and understand how competitors are building their links. With its Clique Hunter feature, you can discover sites that link to your rivals but not to you, opening avenues for potential new links.

While Majestic SEO may not be as comprehensive as some other tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs, it’s a powerful and best link building tools if your primary focus is on backlinks. It does offer some free features and full features on paid plans.

5. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is the best link building and outreach tools designed to manage and track your outreach campaigns effectively. It simplifies the process of reaching out to website owners, bloggers, and influencers, making it a worthwhile addition to your link-building team.

BuzzStream allows you to personalise your outreach for effective link building. It helps you find contact information, social media profiles, and site metrics for potential outreach targets. Buzz Stream, the best link building tools also allows you to keep track of all your outreach conversations and set reminders for follow-ups, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to build a link.

BuzzStream’s Discovery feature helps you find influential websites and bloggers in your niche, providing you with a plethora of link building opportunities. With its wide range of features, BuzzStream can streamline your outreach efforts and significantly enhance your link building strategy.

6. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is one of the premium tools designed for link building and influencer outreach. It is particularly useful for best link building tools campaigns that require large-scale outreach. It automates many time-consuming tasks associated with outreach, like finding contact information and sending follow-up emails.

Pitchbox integrates with top SEO providers, allowing you to access essential SEO metrics while prospecting for link opportunities. It enables you to prioritise high-quality link targets and tailor your outreach messages accordingly.

One of the top features of Pitchbox is its automated follow-ups which makes it best link building tools. If a prospect doesn’t respond to your initial outreach, Pitchbox automatically sends a follow-up based on a schedule you set. This feature can significantly increase your response rate and make your link-building efforts more successful. Pitchbox is a premium tool with different pricing models.

7. Ninja Outreach

In the domain of SEO and digital marketing, Ninja Outreach shines as a robust influencer marketing and outreach platform. Designed to simplify the outreach process, this best link building tools is widely appreciated for its extensive database that covers millions of influencers, bloggers, and business profiles worldwide.

Ninja Outreach helps you connect with influential personalities in your industry, opening up a world of link building opportunities. It allows you to perform a targeted search using specific keywords related to your niche and presents you with a list of relevant influencers, their contact details, social metrics, and more.

Ninja Outreach also offers automated email outreach capabilities, saving you valuable time. You can also monitor your outreach campaigns and track their performance. While it’s not a free tool, its capabilities justify the investment.

8. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a versatile tool that serves as a content marketing, analysis and influencer research tool. It’s especially helpful for identifying popular content within your niche and using that knowledge to build high-quality links.

Buzzsumo is the best link building tools to find content that’s performing well in terms of social shares, backlinks, and overall engagement. This gives you an idea about what type of content is resonating with your audience, which you can use to craft your own content and link building strategies.

Additionally, BuzzSumo helps you find influencers related to your keywords, providing opportunities for outreach and link building. It can also alert you when a brand name or keyword is mentioned, which can be valuable for identifying potential link building opportunities. BuzzSumo has a free version with restricted features and a 30-day free trial of its features.

9. SEO SpyGlass from SEO PowerSuite

SEO SpyGlass is a comprehensive and best link building tools for backlink research and analysis, providing a one-stop solution for all your backlink tracking needs. It’s designed to help you discover potential link opportunities and build a solid prospect list for outreach.

SEO SpyGlass allows you to explore any website’s backlinks and get extensive details about the linking pages. You can see the anchor text, the page’s title, its inbound and outbound links, domain age, and more. This data can be priceless in comprehending your competitors’ link-building strategies and discovering new link opportunities. Hence, it is also the best link building tools for SEO.

SEO SpyGlass can also identify harmful links that might damage your website’s SEO performance, allowing you to remove or disavow them. The SEO PowerSuite, which includes SEO SpyGlass, has a free version that has limited features. As well, there are paid versions available that offer more advanced features.

10. is a tool designed to streamline this process by finding and verifying email addresses associated with a particular domain. This makes it a handy tool to have in your link-building arsenal.

With, you can enter a domain to find all the email addresses associated with it, along with their public sources. This can help expedite the process of identifying the right people to reach out to for link-building opportunities. Moreover, the best link building tools provides a confidence score for each email, giving you an idea of the validity of the address. can also verify email addresses, reducing the risk of sending outreach emails to invalid addresses. While it’s not an all-in-one SEO tool, it certainly enhances your link building outreach strategy. You can start with an amount of free searches per month, and if needed, opt for a paid plan for more extensive usage.

11. HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

HARO stands as an innovative platform connecting reporters and bloggers with relevant expert sources. It’s an excellent tool for securing high-quality backlinks from reputable media outlets and enhancing your brand visibility. It is known as one of the best link building tools to grab authentic link from high authority domain.

With HARO, you can receive source requests from journalists looking for information in your niche. Responding to these requests with insightful, relevant information can lead to your brand being mentioned in their articles, thereby earning you a high-quality backlink.

Leveraging media opportunities for link acquisition can be a powerful strategy, as links from reputable media sites can significantly boost your website’s credibility in the eyes of search engines. HARO offers both free and paid plans, giving you the freedom to select based on your needs.

12. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a simple yet effective tool for monitoring the web for specific keywords related to your business or niche. While it may not be a dedicated SEO or link builder tool, it can significantly aid your best link building tools efforts.

By setting up alerts for specific keywords, you can track new content published on the web related to those keywords. This can assist you in determining new link-building prospects, engaging with relevant content, and staying updated with industry trends.

You can also use Google Alerts to keep track of your contenders. Simply set up alerts for their brand terms, and you’ll be able to observe their actions and adjust your link building strategies accordingly. This free tool is a great asset to your link-building arsenal.

13. Whitespark

Whitespark is a local SEO specialist, providing tools and services to improve local search rankings. Its Local Citation Finder is a standout feature for link building.

The Local Citation Finder lets you see where your competitors are mentioned online, helping you find relevant citation opportunities for your business. These citations can boost your local SEO and offer valuable backlink opportunities.

Whitespark also has a Link Prospector tool, one of the top link building tools. It automates searches for guest posts, directories, link pages, and more, helping you find sites likely to link to your content.

For local businesses, Whitespark provides a focused approach to building quality backlinks. It offers various pricing tiers, including a free version and more comprehensive paid options.

14. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a highly versatile link building software that is mainly known for its website crawling abilities. It’s an excellent tool to help optimise your overall SEO, including link building.

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool enables you to crawl your website’s URLs to identify SEO issues, including broken links (404s). The best link building tool’s ability to quickly identify these broken links makes it an invaluable asset in your link building efforts. After all, fixing broken links provides a great opportunity to reclaim valuable lost link equity.

Apart from broken link checks, the best link building tools, Screaming Frog tool also helps you analyse page titles and metadata, discover duplicate content, extract data with XPath, visualise site architecture, and generate XML sitemaps, among other things. While it might take some time to master, Screaming Frog’s powerful capabilities make it a tool worth learning.

Screaming Frog, the best link building tools offers a free version with a crawl limitation of 500 URLs. For more extensive crawling capabilities, there is a paid version available.

15. Link Prospector by Citation Labs

Link Prospector is a highly efficient tool developed by Citation Labs that assists in the process of discovering link building opportunities. As a part of your link-building campaign, finding potential websites to earn links from can be a time-consuming procedure. Link Prospector, the best link building tools aims to simplify and expedite this process.

The tool presents a range of report types to assist you in discovering link prospects. These include guest posting, content promotion, link resource pages, reviews, and donations, among others. You can input your keywords, and Link Prospector will provide a list of potential prospects.

Additionally, Link Prospector enables you to categorise and prioritise your link prospects, making outreach management easier. Although it doesn’t directly aid in the outreach process, the data it provides can be exported to your preferred outreach tool, effectively complementing your outreach efforts.

While Link Prospector is a paid tool, it’s worth considering for the time it can save in the process of finding link building opportunities.

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Link building is vital for SEO; the right tools can greatly impact your results. This article reviews 15 top link building tools in the market, each with unique features to streamline your processes, discover new opportunities, and track progress.

Whether you’re launching a large-scale link building campaign or just starting, there’s a tool on this list for you. From all-in-one SEO platforms like SEMrush and Ahrefs to specialized outreach tools like BuzzStream and, diverse options are available.

Remember, these tools can offer valuable data and insights, but their effectiveness depends on your overall strategy. Use these tools to guide your decisions, monitor your progress, and continually optimize your efforts.

Link building isn’t just about quantity; it’s about creating high-quality, relevant links that add value to users and boost your search engine rankings. With a strategic approach and the right tools, you can develop a successful link building strategy that delivers significant results for your business.

Investing in at least one of these tools can yield a substantial return regardless of your budget or business size. Consider your specific needs and goals when selecting the best link building tools, and fully utilise their features. Happy link building!

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2. Quality Over Quantity

We prioritise quality over quantity. We concentrate on building high-quality, relevant backlinks that not only enhance your site’s authority but also drive valuable traffic. From guest posting on reputable sites to creating engaging content that naturally attracts backlinks, we employ various tactics to ensure your links provide real value.

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Outreach can be a tricky process, but it’s integral to successful link-building. ACERO’s team takes the burden off your shoulders by managing the entire outreach process. We find link opportunities, craft compelling pitches, and communicate with site owners and bloggers to secure high-quality backlinks.

4. Regular Reporting and Analysis

Transparency is key to our service. We provide regular reports detailing our link building efforts and the results they’re generating. This includes new links acquired, changes in your backlink profile, and improvements in rankings. We also continuously analyse our strategies to ensure we’re maximising your ROI.

5. Continual Optimization

SEO and link building aren’t set-and-forget strategies. They require ongoing optimisation and adaptation to changes in search engine algorithms. At ACERO, we continuously monitor the latest SEO trends and adjust your link building strategy as needed to ensure it remains effective and compliant with best practices.

With ACERO, you’ll not only have access to some of the best link building tools on the market but also a team of seasoned SEO experts dedicated to driving your online success. Whether you’re just starting out with link building or looking to improve your existing efforts, ACERO can provide the expertise and resources you need to succeed.

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